We have been in 2020 and 2021 in stand-by for our summer festival in Britany. We did not have opportunities to dance together, and it was a pity.
Not even milongas during those very sad years. However, the sun seems to shine again and we plan for summer 2022 a recovery meeting

In 2022, we shall meet again on the floor, this summer at the Festival « Tango par la côte en Bretagne en Finistère » Between the 3rd to the 7th of august 2022 with different meeting point at : ROSCOFF , ST THEGONNEC, ST MARTIN des CHAMPS, CLÉDER, îLE de BATZ

We have prepared a tonic program, and even more sparkling and shinning: 
– « Los milonguitas » orchestra with Ana Karina Rossi as a solist, and maestros Sandra Messina et
Ricardo Calvo
– A special night with Céline Berenguer piano concertist in the middle of the dance floor, with you….
– Our favorites DJs : Michel Exposito , Bob Rikkar, Elodie d’Angers, Phil de Toulouse , Camille Boucher et Benoît Galindo de Marseille, El Turquito de Paris.

And several training:
– Tango dancing with Sandra Messina and Ricardo Calvo
– Singing the tango with Ana Karina Rossi
– And music with earing El Turquito

Also one open stage with El Turquito to make your talents real ….

Exhibit : Posters for « Trottoirs de Buenos Aires » mythic café in Paris, and photos of Nicolas Boulain.

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