Sandra Messina & Ricardo Calvo

Faithful guests of the festival, Sandra and Ricardo are renown dancers, maestros of maestros. They combine technical precision, elegance and emotion, with this little twist of humor that characterizes them – as if to say that although tango is the most important thing in the world, we can play with it!
The fluidity of movements and the energy that unites them captivate the eye.
They are sought-after maestros because they offer a complete, organic and progressive teaching method that makes Argentine tango accessible to all. They teach amateurs as well as professionals.
Choreographers of shows, they share their time between Buenos Aires and Paris and travel all over the world.

Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu

Representatives of the last generation of tango dancers who learned tango culture with the last milongueros (non-professional dancers from whom the tango we dance is derived), Yanina Valeria Quiñones and Neri Luciano Piliù have been dancing together since 2006, a year that consecrated them with numerous local prizes before obtaining second place at the World Championship in the Tango Salón category in 2008.

Equally at ease on the milongas dance floor (Sunderland, La Baldosa, Porteño y Bailarín…) as on the theatre stage (Piazzolla Tango Show, Boca Tango, Cafe Tortini), they taught in the most prestigious schools in Buenos Aires (Escuela Argentina de Tango, Escuela Carlos Copello), before opening their own academy in Salerno, Italy and founding their own dance company, Tango Rouge Company.

You discovered them last year and appreciated their teaching, which is full of nuances, since they are seeking to transmit technical tools to master one’s dance and to develop one’s own tango.

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Los Milonguitas Sextet

Created in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Los Milonguitas has only one objective: to make people dance! Influenced by the great orchestras of the Golden Age (Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Caló), Los Milonguitas offers classics and new compositions inspired by the universe of today’s milongas porteñas. The arrangements always respect the dancers’ interpretation needs. A tour de force for a contemporary orchestra influenced as much by Argentinean music as by jazz and rock. This is made possible by working in symbiosis with the milongueros porteñas and internationally renowned DJs.

After a first CD in February 2017, “Los Milonguitas I”, their second album released in April 2019, “Rosa y Negro”, demonstrates their ability to offer new compositions for dancing. Several themes were recorded with a large orchestra of 12 musicians, and unfold with all the ardour of an orquesta típica.

A unique sound that will be found in Tango par la côte as it is in Sextet – this iconic formation of the tango orchestra since Julio de Caro – that we will have the pleasure to welcome them. Indeed, the original trio composed of Pablo Murgier, Simone Tolomeo and Sebastian Noya, will be enlarge with three musicians of excellence that the dancers might have meet with other orchestras: Lysandre Donoso and Mathias Naon with Silbando, Mehdi Al-Tinaoui with Roulotte Tango. Fire guaranteed!

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Acquaforte is the title of a tango by Gardel from 1933. Its lyrics set the stage for a Montmartre ballroom scene through the disillusioned, tender and ironic eyes of an aging dancer. He reminds us of two things to which the AcquaForte group is attached: first that it is in Paris that tango is unfaithful to Buenos Aires, that the history of tango is Franco-Argentine. And also that tango music is intrinsically linked to the ball. The ball, this space of illusions, where each one proposes a game of which nobody is really fooled, a social space that reinvents the link.

Gloria, a singer trained in French lyrical singing, who is perfecting her tango singing with Sandra Rumolino, is accompanied by a quintet of exceptional musicians in a repertoire of classical tangos sung in Spanish; with a few surprises in French!

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