These prices and the terms and conditions of membership and registration are detailed on this page.


TANGO PASS: you can buy it online and at the entrance of Le Roudour venue on Wednesday evening.
The passes are nominative and personal, they are also queue-jumpers and must be presented at the entrance of each milonga.

ALL MILONGAS ( Full Pass) : 70€.
4 evenings (Wednesday, Thursday in two places, Friday and Saturday) and 3 afternoon milongas in Cléder
Less than 30 years old = 35€.

4 evenings (Wednesday, Thursday in two locations, Friday and Saturday)
Less than 30 years old = 30€.

DROP-IN : buy online or at each milonga entrance:

Wednesday : 20€.
Los Milonguitas Sexteto + DJ Bob Rikkar + Demo: Sandra Messina & Ricardo Calvo

Thursday : 15€.
Bar Vasco de Gama in Roscoff: DJ Elodie d’Angers, alternative music
Kan ar mor room in Cléder : DJ René Bui traditional music
The ticket is valid for both milongas.

Friday: 15€.
DJ Enrique Ramirez + Demo: Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu

Saturday: 18€.
Orchestra AcquaForte + DJ Michel Exposito + Ronda des maestros

+ Afternoon Milongas in Cléder: 6€.

+ Don’t forget the free activities for all, proposed by the volunteers of the TALM association!

The Online ticket office is open

You will be able to buy tickets for all the evenings with the link below, as well as workshops.
If you wish, you can also buy your tickets on site (cash and credit cards accepted).
If you are under 30 years old, you can buy the Pass at half price directly on site by providing proof of age.

Enjoy the Festival in Brittany around Roscoff!

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