In 2024, we shall again meet on the floor for a  Festival with a lot of proposals.

This summer at the Festival « Tango par la côte en Bretagne en Finistère » Between the 31st of July to the 4th of august 2024 with different meeting point at : ROSCOFF , ST THEGONNEC,

We have prepared a very rich program, and even more sparkling and shinning « rendez vous »: 
– « Orchestre De Leones and orchestre Tango Sonos  orchestra , and maestros Yanina Quinoes et Neri Piliu , Isaure et Kira from Mais oui Tango
– A special BIG night with two ambiances et DJS  and Tango Sonos  as a special
– Our favorites DJs : Marinette ,Punto y Branca, Aurora Fornuto,  Elodie d’Angers, Fabio di Giovanni, Yulika Thais, El Turquito de Paris, DJ Santos.

And several training:
– Tango dancing with Yanina Quinones and Neri Piliu & Isaure and Kira Mais oui Tango

Exhibit : design and painting of Gérard de Foresta, and history of the Festival.

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