Tango à la Mer Association
Organizer of the Tango par la Côte Festival in Finistère

The association created in 2001 brings together Tango enthusiasts who also wish to share their discovery and wonder at the beauty of the Bretagne region around the Bay of Morlaix.
This is how the project of a travelling festival, “Tango par la Côte” appeared. Every summer, the Finistère part of the Festival develops around Roscoff. During the year the association also offers activities, introductions to tango and milongas.

The Tango à la Mer association is based in Roscoff (29680) Finistère.

In its project, the association is supported by the municipality of Roscoff, which helps the festival and provides premises and sponsorship from several local tourism companies.

The association has about a hundred members.
President: Christian Dreano, Secretary: Isabelle Courtade

The project of the Tango à la Mer association and Tango par la Côte Festival

Created 13 years ago, the Roscovite Tango à la Mer association was built around a cultural and social project: to offer everyone the practice of Argentine tango, with the discovery of this dance of couple and improvisation and its dimensions of meeting the other. It is also the search for a concor-dance in the complicity of the abrazo. The project to introduce dancers from all over the world to Finistère, a department with an astonishing coastline. Our region is beautiful and its welcoming qualities are well-known. The affluence during the festival every year, renewed by internationally renowned artists and Argentine maestros, is a sign of the uniqueness of this festival, friendly and animated by volunteers.

13 years later and thanks to the generosity of local patrons, it has been done. Fortunately, many new challenges are still ahead of us…

Christian DREANO President Tango à la Mer

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