Welcome to the Tango par la côte Festival in Finistère, Brittany.

How does it work?

The clases are organized in workshops of several clases on the same theme during three days. Each couple of maestros, Sandra Messina & Ricardo Calvo and Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu offer their own workshops except for the Wednesday Waltz workshop in which the two couples intervene successively to allow you to discover them.

The coherence and the pedagogical progression of the workshops require that you follow them from beginning to end… But feel free to consult us if you have any diary constraints.

Moreover, you can attand a milonga class and technique clases which à la carte.
The clases and workshops are organized in such a way that the schedules do not overlap. It is therefore possible to follow all the proposed clases!

All clases take place at the Mathurin Méheut space in Roscoff and are limited to 14 couples.

How to get there

What is the content of the clases and workshops?

+ Wednesday day

These clases are designed to allow you to discover the maestros with whom you can choose to work in a workshop on the following days, or possibly take at least one class with Yanina and Neri if you follow Sandra and Ricardo’s workshops, or vice versa!

  • The DUO MAESTROS workshop thus includes 2 lessons of 1h30 each given successively by the two couples of maestros and sold only as a duo. This year the topic of this workshop is Waltz (intermediate / advanced level).
    13h30-15h: Sacadas in giros and counter-turns in closed abrazo with Yanina & Neri
    15h15-16h45: Centrifugal giros and Volcadas with Sandra & Ricardo

  • The DECOUVERTE MAESTRO course allows you to discover the teaching of Yanina and Neri if you don’t know them, or to take a milonga course if you don’t follow the Milonga workshop .
    17h-18h30: Milonga class with Yanina & Neri
    Playing with rhythm: single beats and double beats on milonga lissa and traspié.

+  Thursday, Friday and Saturday August 1st Workshops  (1,5 hour per day in each workshop):

MILONGA WORKSHOP intermediate level with Sandra and Ricardo
From 12:45 to 2:15 p.m.

” Milongas del 40 “ : How to dance the milongas of that time, both Lisa and Traspié.

TANGO WORKSHOP , advanced level with Sandra and Ricardo
From 2:30 pm to 4 pm
“Off-center Ganchos.” Playing with ganchos, music and off-axis movements.

MUSICALITY WORKSHOP intermediate / advanced level with Yanina and Neri
From 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
How to dance on different orchestras. Keys given to each of the roles to enrich and embellish the dance according to the orchestra. Harmony of the couple, rhythm and elegance.

TANGO WORKSHOP intermediate level with Yanina and Neri
From 5:30 to 7:00.
All about the giros! We will work on circular and linear turns, and see for each one how important dissociation is, how much pivot (not too much, not too little!) is needed, when to do a lapiz for men and what are the different forms of t urnsfor women.

+ Technical clases

For women or followers with Yanina:

Thursday from 11am to 12pm : Boleos
Work on the sensitivity to the reception of the lead. Action and reaction. Exercises to acquire freedom and comfort to follow and dance what is led.

Friday from 11am to 12pm: embellishments.
Musicality. Different techniques to acquire the harmony necessary for personal embellishments: abrazo, posture, elegant walking, use of weight and pivots.

For men or female guides with Neri :

Saturday from 11am to 12pm
Exercises to acquire a good balance. Study of different forms of dissociation and pivots.

What are the prices of the clases and workshops?

Membership of the association Tango à la mer (TALM), organizer of the Tango by the coast Festival  in Finistère, is compulsory for all classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (the technical classes and the 4 maestros’ workshops).

Membership fee: 15€.
Members have various advantages including an invitation to the welcome buffet organised for the trainees (of the festival), a reduced rate at the monthly milongas, etc.  

  • Single technical course: 20€
  • 1 workshop : 70€
  • 2 workshops : 125€
  • 3 workshops : 170€
  • 4 workshops: 200€.

Rate per person and regardless of the couple of maestros.
Reminder: 1 workshop = 3 courses = 4.5 hours over 3 days

Specificity of Wednesday :

The DUO MAESTROS workshop (2 lessons of 1h30 given by the two couples of maestros) dedicated to the waltz : 30€ without membership.
Yaniana and Neri’s 1h30 MAESTRO DISCOVERY course on the milonga: 25€ without membership

WEDNESDAY PASSES: 40 € but membership to the TALM association is essential (15€)
Do your accounts: the whole day on Wednesday costs 55€, so by choosing this option, your membership to the association is free!

How do I register?

FROM MARCH 15TH. Couples only.

Registration and payment are done directly online via our ticket office. You can pay by credit card on the website. You can also pay by bank tranfer.
The prices are per person.
To pay by credit card: complete the registration form and pay online directly.

To pay by bank transfer: Next to the final amount on the first step (choice of clases), at the bottom of the list, you will be asked if you have a coupon code. After noting the total amount, you will have to write “cheque” in the corresponding space and then click on “add”. The payment will be 0 euros but your registration will be registered. However, we will be waiting for your tranfer to confirm your registration. The cheque should be sent to
Tangoalamer Association bank:
Need help registering? You can write us an email at tangoalamer@gmail.com and we will be able to arrange a phone appointment to help you with your registration.

In addition, there are explanations at the bottom of the registration form. Then it’s up to you!

In case of cancellation: Full refund until D-30 – 30 days before July 29, 2020. No refund otherwise possible.

 What if I don’t have a partner?

Registrations for solo dancers must be made before June 15, 2020, and must be sent by email.

You must first write to tangoalamer@gmail.com indicating :

  • the desired class(es)
  • your level of tango
  • your height

You will be on the waiting list until you find a partner, if possible. Final confirmations will arrive by June 30 at the latest. We cannot assure you of a partner before this date.
You can also use our Facebook group to search for a class partner by yourself.